Aptitudes cognitives : Bilan, cerveau, socialisation


The ABCs Developmental Neuropsychology Lab, established and directed by Dr Miriam Beauchamp, is located at both the Department of Psychology at the University of Montreal and the Ste-Justine Hospital Research Center, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The work of the lab focuses on cerebral, cognitive and social development from infancy, through childhood and adolescence. The aim of our projects is to explore brain and cognitive maturation, as well as the biological and environmental factors that influence social development. In addition, we investigate the consequences of early brain injury and developmental disorders, such as traumatic brain injury and prematurity, on these processes. We strive to gain a better understanding of the underlying substrates of cognitive and social problems after brain injury in the hope that this information will guide the development of targeted interventions for children at-risk for cognitive, social or behavioural problems. Through our work we are designing new developmentally appropriate assessment tools to identify cognitive, social and behavioural difficulties in children and adolescents.

Assessment: Neuropsychological evaluation, cross-sectional and longitudinal assessment, clinical research, biomarkers, test development and validation, neuroimaging, eye tracking, virtual reality

Brain: Healthy development, traumatic brain injury, prematurity, genetic and metabolic disorders, child psychiatry

Cognition: Intellectual abilities, executive functions, attention, memory, language

Socialization: Social cognition, theory of mind, empathy, intent attribution, moral reasoning, social information processing, peer relations, participation, behaviour